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How To Install Lightroom Mobile DNG Presets for Apple IOS 
Use these instructions to install DNG format Lightroom presets directly into your Apple IOS mobile device using the free version of the Lightroom Mobile app.  If you have a paid subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud then it is recommended you use XMP presets because they are faster to install.
Apple IOS DNG Preset Installation For Lightroom Mobile - Start Here
Adobe has established the method for DNG preset installations into Lightroom onto a mobile device that is not connected to the Adobe Creative Cloud with a paid subscription.  Here is the brief version of how it works:

1.  Download the zipped file containing DNG photo files directly to your mobile device.
2.  Unzip the download file containing the DNG photo files.
3.  Add the photo files to your Lightroom Mobile app.
4.  Save the presets that are contained inside each DNG photo file.
5.  Use the saved presets to edit your own photos.
Video Instructions to Install DNG Lightroom Presets into an Apple IOS Device Using the Free Lightroom Mobile App.
Step-by-Step DNG Preset Installation Instructions for Apple IOS
1.- Download from the app store iZip, which is FREE.
2.- Download the DNG files onto your phone using the download link that was emailed to you.
3. Tap on izip
4. Tap ok on the pop up menu.
5. Tap the newly extracted folder.
6. The 20 DNG files will open..
7. Select one of the DNG files.
8. Tap open in..
9. Tap on Lightroom.
10. Repeat step 6 to 8 until you get all the DNG files import into Lightroom.
11. Tap create an album.
12. Give the album a name: TimsPhotos Presets.
13. Tap on your new album.
14. Tap add photos.
15. Tap from all photos
16.  Select all 20 of the DNG photo files.
17. Tap add photos.
18. Tap and open the first DNG photo..
19. Tap on the three dots in the top right.
20. Tap create preset.
21. Tap on the preset group.
22. Tap on create new preset group..
23. Name the preset group according to the collection name.
24. Name the preset and then tap accept.
25. Repeat step 18 to 24 for the remaining 19 DNG photo files.
26. After you finish installing your presets, go to your photos.
27. Its time to use your presets! Select one of your own photos.
28. Go to presets.
29. Choose a category. 
30. Tap on a preset category.
31. Choose a preset.
32. Go to light.
33. Adjust the white point slider and the black point slider according to your taste.
Once your presets are installed, select one of your own photos in Lightroom Mobile.  Click the presets button at the bottom of the screen and, one by one, apply a preset and choose the one that gives your photo the best look.  Don't forget that when you apply a preset to a photo you should still select a white point and black point.  These sliders are found under the "light" setting at the bottom of the screen.

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