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Watch How THE NEW Lightroom and Photoshop Profiles Can Make Your Photos Look Stunning faster and easier!
Get Your Set of 5 Free Lightroom & Photoshop Profiles.  Note: These Are NOT The Old Presets.  Profiles are NEW.
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Tim Shields, Master Photographer in Fine Art and
Nature Photographer of the Year - MPIO
"I am going to give you my free sample pack of five Adobe Profiles for Lightroom and Photoshop that I created specifically for landscapes.  AND, I will also send you the RAW files you see in this video to practice with.  Completely free!"

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Read how my profiles are helping photographers
Thank you, I'm really happy with the collection of profiles, it sure lessens my post-processing time. Great work!

Donald Pash,
Murrietta, California
I bought the full profile collection and find that they really reduce my post processing time. I really love the slider that allows me to increase or decrease the intensity of the profile quickly and easily.

Phil Conforti,
St. Pete, Florida, USA
Your profiles are awesome and they save me a lot of time in Lightroom! The sample pack was awesome and just because of that I decided to buy the bundle. Keep up the good work!

Calogero Dimino,
Montepulciano, Italy
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