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From The Studio Of Tim Shields
Master Photographer in Fine Art
When I was a beginner and intermediate photographer I always knew something was missing in my photography.  I would be disappointed with my photos because they rarely looked the way the scene looked to my eyes.  I needed a system that I could use to capture photos I would be proud of, every time, and that I could use to teach other photographers.  After a decade of mistakes and learning I created a photography system that I used to win the International Nature Photographer of the Year award (Master Photographers International), and now I am making these secrets available to help you jumpstart your photography.

I have traveled the world taking award-winning landscape photos.  These are the secrets you can use to take your own stunning photos your friends and family will love.
I Have A Question For You...
Do you want to take photos that your friends and family look at and say “Wow, did you take that?” Do you want to take photos that are so sharp and vivid you will want to print them and put them on the wall at home? Do you fully understand how to take these kinds of stunning photos? 
I sold this photo for $2000.  Wouldn't you like to sell some of your own photos?
What You Get On The Inside
Lessons 1 to 3
Lets Start With The Basics, Shall We?
  • The steps you need to take from the start
  • What you need too know about your camera
  • ​The one setting to begin with - and it is NOT the auto mode!
Lessons 4 to 7
Exposure - Only What You NEED To Know
  • How to blur a background, or make it sharp
  • How you can use ISO to brighten or darken a photo
  • Know when and how to slow down your shutter speed
Lessons 8 & 9
Lock Down Your Camera
  • When to use a tripod, and when NOT to use it
  • Cheap tripod alternatives that fit in your suitcase to travel with
  • How to hold your camera - the RIGHT way!
Lessons 11 to 13
Aperture & Shutter Priority
  • The one setting the pros use for most of their photos.  Its not auto!
  • Intentionally blur movement, or capture sharp high speed photos
  • Why you should use your flash - even on a bright sunny day!
Lesson 14
The Camera Settings Cheat Sheet
  • This is like an entire photography course on one card!
  • Download and print this!  Use it to learn and to teach others
  • Easily see how changes to camera settings will affect your image
Lesson 15 & 16
The Histogram Is Your Best Friend
  • See why this feature will help you capture the perfect light
  • Understand how and why it works.  It is way easier than you thought
  • Watch the summary of the important points to remember
Lesson 17 to 21
Take Your Own Amazing Landscape Photos
  • Take tack-sharp photos using a single focus point
  • Use neutral density filters to slow your shutter speed
  • Create your own panorama photos to fit in a large landscape
Bonus Lesson 1
My 5 Secrets To  Amazing Landscape Photos
  • When exactly to find the best photography light
  • The seasonal events that MUST be photographed
  • Weather events that create the best landscape photos
  •  How to research from home to find out where exactly to go
Bonus Lesson 2
Instagram Growth Strategy
  • Use this strategy to grow your Instagram following
  • The power of hashtags when used the RIGHT way
  • Why everyone uses hashtags the WRONG way
Bonus Lesson 3
The Secrets Of Compositions
  • These easy principles are 95% of taking great photos
  • Use your phone camera for these tips,  you don't need a camera
  • Why everyone uses hashtags the WRONG way
  •  How to tell stories through your photos
Don't Just Take my Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
" This course is for everyone who is wanting to learn from basics right through to more advanced! I highly recommend this course as you will not be disappointed! I was actually surprised at just how simple Tim has designed this course! I am delighted to say best I’ve ever watched! "
Wendy Klein
Award Winning Landscape Photographer, Brisbane, Australia
"Even after several years of shooting, I tend to forget a lot of the finer points that you cover in your course. Thank you, Tim, for such great and insightful training.  The experienced photographer comes away with a great refresher. The novice or beginning photographer comes away with a solid foundation from which to quickly springboard past the beginner stage and into an intermediate stage. "
Tremain Tanner
Landscape Photographer, Vancouver, Canada
" This was a well organized, clearly articulated, and easy going course.
Many years ago I took a lot of photos but you are correct that if you don’t use it you lose it. It was great to go through the basics again to refresh the memory. The information in relation to histograms was much appreciated. I look forward to using this great tool on my upcoming trip to Japan. Once again thank you so much. "
Shayle Shirmer
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Here is what you get!
 Jumpstart Your Photography!
  • 20 easy to understand video lessons + 3 bonus content lessons
  • Learn the step by step system I use to create stunning photos
  • Finally master the skills needed to take great photos
  • Learn the 3 super essential settings that make all the difference
  • Discover the secret to great photos you can use with your phone
  • Get my camera settings cheat sheet & use it to teach others!
  • Free Bonus #1 - Secrets to finding amazing landscape photos
  • Free Bonus #2 - Boost your Instagram with this one trick
  • Free Bonus #3 - The secrets to getting perfect compositions
The price for all this is $200
If all this class did was help you finally create stunning photos that you are proud of and your friends and family will love, would it be worth it?   If all this class did was to help you finally understand the confusing and frustrating settings on your camera, would it be worth it? 
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Do you want to be able to take photos like this?
Your Outcomes
Just imagine what it will be like to be completely confident with your camera settings so you can take gorgeous photos every time that you will want to print and put on your wall.
Print your own photo and put it on your wall at home!
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This photo uses four of the composition rules I teach in the class
The Takeaway
Remember, you get all my easily consumable video lessons that will help you take jaw dropping photos plus the three bonus modules to help you find awesome landscapes, grow your Instagram and will teach you the secrets to finding stunning compositions every time. So click the button below and lets get started right now!   I will see you in my photography jumpstart class and I look forward to having your as part of my photography community.
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I Have Questions
Does it matter what type of camera I have?   No.  This course is designed for any camera type.  Many of the principles can be used when you take photos with your smartphone.

How do I participate in the course?  You will receive an immediate email after your purchase the course.  This email will give you a link to a secure login for the course.  As soon as you login you can begin watching the video presentations.

How long is each video?  The videos are generally less than ten minutes each.  

I rarely finish online courses.  Why should I take this one?   You are right.  I read a statistic that said only 6% of people who buy online courses finish them.  This bothered me so I designed this course in a way that will help you finish it.  I have a 90% completion rate on this course and the feedback from students is excellent.  I am modifying and adding to the course based on feedback I receive.

Is the course complicated?  No!  I designed the course so anyone can understand the content without complicated explanations.

What if I am already an experienced photographer?  If you are an intermediate photographer this class will be an excellent update for your skill set.  If you are a working professional photographer then this class may not be the right fit for you.

Is your website safe to use my credit card?  Yes.  This website uses the latest technology for secure credit card processing. 

How does your guarantee work?  If you don't find this course to be valuable for you, email support@timsphotos.com and I will give you your money back within 30 days.

Can I join your photography community?  Yes!  Join my Facebook group called Timsphotos Academy.  I am interacting with the community almost every day.  If you have questions, I answer them.  I also post weekly photo challenges for you inside the group.

What if I am not a good photographer?   You don't need any prior photography experience.  This course starts at the beginning.

Does the course contain training on how to take people photos?  Yes, this course covers the most common photography types.

How long will I have access to this course?  You have lifetime access to the course and you can return to any specific lesson at any time.

Did you take all the photos on this website?  Yes, they are all my photos.

Do you sell other products?  Yes, I sell a Lightroom Jumpstart course, a presets collection for Lightroom and a profiles collection for Lightroom.  Additional courses, including a Photoshop course, are being created.  Lightroom is the easiest photo processing software to learn.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching and training?  Yes, send me an email and lets talk.
Questions?  Email support@timsphotos.com
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