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Why You Should Rent An RV or Camper Van On Your Next Photo Trip
December 15, 2018 / Tim Shields
Have you ever thought about renting an RV, motorhome or camper van for a photography trip instead of staying in a hotel or camping?

I just created a video where I show you my top five reasons why renting an RV can by the most fun you will ever have on a photography trip.

In this video I cover the topics of charging the batteries in all your gear, editing photos in the field, cooking awesome meals, having the comforts of home, and being able to stay anywhere.

Well, almost anywhere.

Check out this video. If you like photography and travel then you are going to like this video.

PS, if you have experience or opinions about traveling in an RV, then PLEASE leave a comment on the Youtube video. I learn from your comments and I am interested in your opinion and experience.
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